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Summer diagnostic testing is available for individuals with educational needs. The assessment, which is done by diagnostician practicum students under the supervisions of a University of St. Thomas professor, is followed by an oral and written explanation of the findings.

In partnership with Houston Scottish Rite Learning Center, Inc., certified special education teachers from the School for Young Children will deliver a structured literacy program using materials from the Neuhaus Education Center, Read Naturally, and Write from the Beginning as appropriate for each student. The goal of the program is to enhance student knowledge of sound/symbol relationships, decoding skills, comprehension strategies, and written expressive skills. Students will be placed in groups of three to maximize instruction. Services will be delivered at the School for Young Children. Program begins June 10 and ends June 28. There will be two assessment days on June 6 or 7. You will be contacted to schedule your child's screening appointment. Your child will be assigned one of two instructional times; either 9:00-10:30 or 10:30- 12:00 based upon the instructional needs of your child. The cost of the program is $250.00. For additional information about the summer program, contact the School for Young Children at 713-520-8310.

Summer Diagnostic and
Remediation Program