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Each member of the staff of the School for Young Children is a highly trained professional with many years of teaching experience. All faculty are certified in regular and in special education, and many have M.Ed. degrees and additional certifications. The director of the SYC has a graduate degree in Educational Leadership and is an educational diagnostician. All faculty members are trained in the Neuhaus Education Center programs of Basic Language skills, Scientific Spelling, Multi-Sensory Grammar, Thinking Maps, Write From the Beginning, and Math in Focus.

The SYC uses additional personnel to teach creative arts, and to provide a structured physical education program. Additionally, students from the University of St. Thomas who are working on a degree in education and/or in special education add support services to the school. These students are fulfilling their requirements for coursework and work under close supervision of the professional staff and university faculty.

The staff for the school includes the following:

A member of the University of St. Thomas faculty at the doctoral level, whose duties include setting up curriculum, teacher in-service, and parent workshops.
A certified teacher with administrative responsibilities who oversees the daily operation of the school.
Educators holding certificates in Generic Special Education and/or endorsements in Learning Disabilities.
School for Young Children Staff